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"UFOs: Are We Being Visited?" - By Don Hill

By definition a UFO (unidentified flying object) is anything moving through the sky that cannot be identified either as a plane, a weather balloon, some kind of natural occurrence, a mirage, an LSD induced hallucination, or an outright hoax. Between 5 to 10% of all UFOs remain unidentified.

Although there are ancient reports of UFO sightings, the modern phenomenon began on June 24, 1947. A businessman from Boise, Idaho by the name of Kenneth Arnold was flying his plane over the State of Washington. He saw 'nine gleaming disks' streaking across the sky at what he estimated to be 1,700 miles per hour. They made ninety degree turns without slowing down. When he was interviewed by newspaper reporters Arnold said, "...they looked like flying saucers". Since then, the term "flying saucers" has come into popular use.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek was an astronomer and professor of astronomy at Ohio State University. For years he served the United States Government as their top UFO Advisor and worked for "Project Blue Book", the Government's own effort to research UFO sightings and explain them away. Dr. Hynek estimated there are approximately 100 sightings a night around the world. If we use the most conservative figure of 5% that cannot be explained, we are left with over 1,800 unexplained sightings in a year.

It was Dr. Hynek who developed the "close encounters" terminology to describe the different experience people claim to have had.

A close encounter of the first kind (CE-1) describes the experience of seeing an unidentified flying object at a distance.

A close encounter of the second kind (CE-2) describes the experience of seeing physical evidence left behind or caused by a UFO. It includes anyone who has had physical change or hurt inflicted upon him such as a sunburned appearance or a radiation burn.

A close encounter of the third kind (CE-3) involves direct contact or communication with an alien or extraterrestrial. It is often terrifying. There are stories of UFOs landing and their crew making a contact with humans. Some claim to have been abducted and taken aboard the craft. There are testimonies of physical and sexual abuse.

What are UFOs? The popular theory is that they are from other worlds deep in space. They are said to be visiting us either to learn about our civilization or to give us a message. Some who claim to have had a CE-3 experience testify that the aliens spoke to them - not verbally but by a kind of mental telepathy - and communicated a message for mankind.

The lie of evolution lends itself well to the theory of visitors from outer space. Those who believe that life evolved on earth have no problem believing that life would evolve on other planets if conditions are favourable. If life evolved first on other planets naturally, their inhabitants would be more advanced. It stands to reason they would be exploring space. If they found life on earth, they would possibly take an interest in us. Will they come to conquor or to help us?

Two things should be noted before we go any further.

First, some Christians (born again people) have experienced CE-1 and CE-2. But we have not found any record or testimony of a born again man or woman having a CE-3 experience! It seems no saved person has yet had a face-to-face encounter with an "alien" or been "abducted" (taken aboard a spacecraft) even though these terrifying experiences are increasingly common among unbelievers.

Second, in almost every case, those who have had a CE-3 experience have either previously had some involvement with the occult or they become involved after their close encounter of the third kind. We are talking about such things as crystal balls, tarot cards, astrology, channelling (mediumship), remote viewing, etc.

The extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) is not a credible explanation for the growing UFO phenomenon we are currently seeing. There are strong arguments against the theory that UFOs come from other planets.

In a descriptive brochure of the Flying Saucer Review which is widely recognized as the leading UFO publication in the world, editor Gordon Creighton wrote, "There seems to be no evidence yet that any of these craft or beings originate from outer space."

Perhaps nobody was better qualified to address the interplanetary hypothesis than the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Ph.D. whom we mentioned earlier. It should be added that Dr. Hynek became Associate Director of Smithsonian, Astrophysical Observatory in 1956 and Chairman of the Astronomy Department of Northwestern University in 1960. Dr. Hyneck went on record as saying, "...the extraterrestrial theory is a naive one. It's the simplest of all hypothesis but not a very likely explanation for the phenomenon we have seen manifesting itself over centuries."

In 1952, the United States Government launched Project Blue Book to study UFOs. A scientific effort was made to explain each sighting that was reported. We are told that 12,618 sightings were reported. Of these, 701 could not be explained. The US Government terminated Project Blue Book in 1969. Among their stated reasons was the fact that

"There was no evidence indicating the sightings categorized as 'unidentified' were extraterrestrial vehicles."

Dr. Hynek pointed out that certain people are prone to have repeated UFO encounters. If UFOs are visiting from other worlds, a sighting would be a random experience. It would be a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Instead, we have the same people having encounter after encounter.

Charles Bowen writing in Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 20, No. 2, p.2 says, "Radar has never recorded the actual entering of UFOs into our atmosphere.

People who claim to have seen and observed UFOs give us strange reports. Certain UFOs have been said to dematerialize - now you see it, now you don't. One single UFO will suddenly become many UFOs. On the other hand, many have been known to become one. They have changed shape. They have changed colour. I personally heard a security guard tell how she saw a UFO hovering in the sky over the sight she was patrolling one night. Quickly, she raised her camera to take a picture. The moment she raised her hands, before she could focus, the object streaked across the sky. When she saw it again, it was once again hovering. She raised her hands again to take a picture but again it moved just as quick. This continued for awhile as if the UFO was guided by an intelligence and was playing head games with her! Then it was gone. People have seen UFOs travelling at incredible speed and make a 90 degree turn without slowing down.

If we rule out the possibility of other worlds in outer space as the source of UFOs and their alien crew, where do they come from? Perhaps we should ask, what are they?

Dr. Hynek himself, during his career as a space scientist and UFO researcher, went from first not believing in UFOs and trying to debunk the so called "encounters" to believing UFOs came from other worlds deep in space to finally renouncing the extraterrestrial theory and saying, "...we should consider the various factors that strongly suggest a linkage, or at least a parallelism with the occurrances of a paranormal nature." He went on to say in the UFO mystery, we are confronted with psychic phenomena. These statements were made by Dr. Hynek to a conference of scientists in Toronto, Ontario.

Many Christian theologians and Bible scholars are convinced that UFOs are coming from the spirit realm and are the work of demons. The very nature and results of UFO phenomenon support this. Let us examine the fruit of this strange tree.

Whitley Strieber is a secular writer. Whatever his personal beliefs are, he is not known to be an evangelical. Strieber claims he's had numerous encounters. In his books, 'Communion' and 'Transformation', he tells of being contacted by aliens. He spoke face to face with the entities. He was taken aboard their craft. He was abused and tormented.

In his book Communion he wrote "I became entirely given over to extreme dread. The fear was so powerful that it seemed to make my entire personality evaporate..."

In Transformation - the sequal to Communion - he wrote, "Of course they were demons. They had to be."

Naturally we may doubt Strieber's story. We have a right to. But some things should be born in mind, first he is not alone. There are hundreds of people who make similar claims. Second, some of these (we don't know the percentage) have passed polygraph tests. Third, given the incredible nature of the stories and the ridicule they draw, these are not stories people would be likely to tell if they were not true. Fourth, in many cases, there is obvious evidence the alleged victims have been terribly traumatized. The nervous breakdowns and physical symptoms are undeniable.

Bible believers know angels can materialize and appear as men. There is no reason not to believe fallen angels (demons) can do the same. Are they drawing energy out of the atmosphere and creating at least the appearance of space craft or are they doing what satan does best: producing illusions and deception? One thing is obvious. The thousands of people who have had 'encounters' of one kind or another, believe their experiences were real. These people are from all walks of life.

Satan's purpose in all of this seems to go far beyond terrorizing and oppressing men and women. Bible scholars who research UFO phenomenon now tend to believe the devil is setting the human race up for his final assault against mankind.

Brad Steiger who has written about UFOs and contactees in his book, "The Aquarian Revelations" and spoken much on the subject, presents a non-biblical perspective. Nobody will accuse Steiger of being a Christian fundamentalist. He has made it his mission in life to travel widely and interview hundreds of people who claim to have had a face-to-face contact with entities from UFOs. The aliens seems almost uniformily to be giving this message. We on earth are about to destroy ourselves. But they (or their higher ups) are now in communication with special people on earth. They will choose a man and give him supernatural power and knowledge. This man will lead us to a one world government and peace.

If the rulers of the nations can be led to believe either that

1. We may be invaded from outer space or

2. We are about to destroy ourselves

Either way, they will want to unite for security reasons and come under the rule of this man who will be endued with incredible leadership abilities in a one world government.

According to this, it seems the ultimate purpose for UFOs coming into our atmosphere and aliens contacting human beings is to prepare the world to receive the antichrist and accept the one world government which is none other than the new world order we are already hearing about.

The purpose of this ministry is to offer people FREEDOM from fear by telling then HOW THEY CAN KNOW THEY ARE SAFE no matter what comes.

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