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"Jesus Is The Same Today" - By Don Hill

An unsaved mother in the slums of Toronto phoned the mission in Toronto where my wife and I conducted a crusade and asked the pastor in charge what kind of treatment we had given her eight year old daughter. Nancy had suffered for years with an allergy which caused chronic laryngitis. Each week her mother had to take her to the clinic for a shot, or she would lose her voice completely. The one evening as Nancy skipped and played on the sidewalk, she read the sign in the window announcing our services. Shyly she slipped into the strange building and quietly took a seat. Soon the majestic story of the Unchanging Christ, the Saviour and Healer of Galilee, ignited a spark of faith in her childish heart. Later that evening, we laid our hands upon her, rebuked her affliction, and offered the prayer of faith in Jesus' name. The next day her voice returned loud and clear. No more shots were ever necessary.

A young woman in Brooklyn, New York, had just been informed by her Jewish medical specialist that the strange disease which had made it impossible for her to move the fingers of her right hand, or raise her right arm, and had caused her right side to be paralyzed from her shoulder to her hip, was lateral sclerosis. This is an incurable disease and a cruel killer. Rosa also had ulcers. On one visit to her Roman Catholic general practioner, the doctor had said, "These ulcers are eating you up." He had put her on a strict diet of baby food and cream. Rosa's weight had dropped to ninety five pounds.

It was Sunday afternoon. Rosa was near despair. She said to herself, "I will have one last nap. Then I will go to the top of this high rise apartment building and jump off". With this resolution in her mind, she fell asleep. Suddenly the phone rang. An unsaved lady who had been in one of our crusade services during the week insisted that Rosa come with her that evening to the closing service. "Who? Me?", Rosa asked. "I'm a Roman Catholic. I've never been inside a Protestant Church except for a wedding."

I'm sure many of you would not have thought that the service that night was the least bit attractive. No orchestra played and no choir sang. The evangelist did not play a musical instrument nor sing a solo. But that night as Rosa listened to the Word of God, she heard about a Saviour who had taken her place at Calvary, and died for her sins. She also heard about a Great Physician, whose touch had lost none of its ancient power. When the invitation was given for those who wanted to receive Christ as their Saviour to come forward, Rosa slowly walked down the centre aisle, occasionally grasping the back of a seat for physical support. After we had personally instructed and prayed with each one who had responded, we formed a prayer line for those who needed healing. Rosa arose from the altar, rejoicing in her new found salvation and stood in the line. We prayed quickly for each one, with the laying on of hands, and the people returned to their seats. The service had come to a close. I was standing in front of the platform, with my back to the pulpit, when suddenly I received an impression that somebody had been instantly healed. I called on that person, whoever it might be, to stand and demonstrate their healing by doing what they had not been able to do before. There was less than a minute of silence before Rosa stood in the aisle. The fingers of her right hand moved in every direction, and her right arm was in the air. She bent and twisted. Then she began to testify. Never in my life had I heard anyone speak so rapidly in the Spanish language.

The next morning I left for Toronto. Inside of three weeks, I received an air mail letter from the pastor. Because of Rosa's testimony in the Puerto Rican community, three entire families - parents and children had come into the church and accepted Christ. We discovered later that these were people who had known Rosa for years, and knew her physical condition. They said, "We will serve a God like that." The pastor enclosed a generous offering, and invited us back for a two week crusade that summer.

On our second visit, Rosa informed us that the Roman Catholic doctor and the Jewish specialist had done a series of tests. They could find absolutely no trace of either the sclerosis or the ulcers. She was off the medication, and off her diet. She had gained over fifteen pounds.

Two years later, we were back in Brooklyn for another crusade. We visited Rosa in her home. She had just completed a year of Bible study in the Latin American Bible Institute and was literally bubbling over as she told us of her call to full time missionary work among her own people.

We were holding a two week crusade in a Mission outside of Larado, Mexico. Each night we had a crowd. Scores of people would walk five or even ten miles to be in the service. When they arrived, they would find that every seat had been taken and they had to sit on the ground. One evening in particular, every seat was full, and every place where a person could sit or squat on the ground was taken. The congregation was split four ways. There were Born Again Believers, Roman Catholics, Spiritualists, and Pagans. The evening before I announced a Healing service, the word was out. The God that answers by fire let him be God! That evening I preached a simple salvation-healing message. I told the mixed multitude that Jesus was the same, yesterday, and today and forever. It seemed that Satan could not stand to see so many souls in the valley of decision. He rose up in that meeting, at that very moment, to challenge the authority of God's servant. While I was preaching on healing to build the people's faith for miracles, a Mexican lady fell prostrate off her seat onto the ground, twisting and wretching like a person possessed. I stopped preaching and we rushed down to her. People told us she was an epileptic and was having an epileptic attack. All epileptics are not demon possessed, any more than everybody with a cold or a broken arm is demon possessed. But I had a strong feeling that Marguetta was. Every eye was upon us. The Christians were praying. The Roman Catholics, Spiritualists and Pagans were saying, "We'll see now if what he preaches really works." I had never faced such a direct challenge from Satan. If we failed now, we might as well call off the remainder of the crusade! My wife and I knelt together, one on each side of the woman, and joined hands across her writhing body. We rebuked the devil spirit in Jesus' name, and commanded it to leave. This poor woman didn't understand English, but the devil does! In moments she was free. However, when I asked her through her interpreter to testify, I discovered that she could not speak. One of her friends told us that "attacks" often left her dumb for as long as twelve hours. But I was sure God was going to give us complete victory. I said, "How many people in this service will receive Christ when you hear this woman speak tonight?" Hands went up all over the Mission. We prayed.

Inside of two minutes she was talking. Five adults made their way to the altar.

My faith is not always that strong. Occasionally miracles happen when I least expect them. We were holding a crusade outside of San Juan, Puerto Rico. One evening after the service my interpreter took us into a house next to the church to meet his sister-in-law. Maria was a middle aged woman. She had been in show business. Now she was dying of leukemia, which is cancer of the blood. The doctors had given her just six months more to live. Every two weeks she had to be taken into the hospital for blood transfusions. She told us that she had performed in every State of the Union except Alaska, and even in Cuba before the revolution. Now she was on the threshold of a lost eternity, and had nothing but the ashes and the cinders of a wasted life of sin and shame. We told her about God's love and about the forgiveness she could have through faith in Christ. We also told her about God's unlimited healing power. Before we left that night, we laid our hands on Maria and prayed for a miracle of healing in Jesus' name. A few days later we flew back to New York City. Two years passed. We were attending an Open Air Service one scorching hot July day on Randall's Island, New York. Oral Roberts was the speaker. About three thousand people had gathered. After the service, we were pressing our way through the crowd to get to the car. My wife got ahead of me. Suddenly she came back. "One of your interpreters is here from Puerto Rico" she said. "The one who took us to pray for the lady with leukemia." As soon as we met, I asked him about the woman. "Is she dead yet?" I asked. "What woman are you talking about?" he said. "Maria, your sister-in-law" I explained. "The one with leukemia." He said, "Brother, when you prayed for her she recieved!" Now this was a Puerto Rican. His native language was Spanish. He was trying to talk to me in English, and I was sure I must be hearing him wrong! I said "Received what?" And he said, "She received her healing. From that very night she has been perfectly well. Now, two years later, she weighs over two hundred pounds, and the doctors cannot find a trace of cancer in her blood. She has a steady job, and she works every day."

In Canada, the United States of America, Mexico and Puerto Rico, Jesus is the same! This is why I am a missionary evangelist! Will you pray for us to continue this outreach in Canada and in many foreign fields?

Salvation is the greatest miracle in the world. The Bible says "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved." (Romans 10 vs 9) This opens the door for God to come into your life and make it possible for him to perform other miracles to meet all your needs. The Lord Jesus said, "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you." (John 15 vs 7)

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